Update on the NLNG Bonny CCTV Project

Substantial progress has been made on the NLNG Industrial Area(IA), Residential Area(RA), Water Wells Perimeter CCTV Project. The construction works have been completed on the main scope of the CCTV project for the IA Plant, RA and Water Well facilities for NLNG with about 187 CCTV Cameras active and operational.

Furthermore, the Security Control Room has been fully set up at the NLNG RA and the Video Management System is operational.

PPC Engineers working at the NLNG Bonny CCTV project site

Some punch list items on the main scope are being cleared out in collaboration with the camera’s OEM. The construction work on the addendum scope is also ongoing and at 90% completion, with 41 out of the total 47 CCTV cameras activated and operational.

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PPC has also been nominated for a prestigious award by Axis Communications as a result of winning the NLNG Project.