How to Boost Your Job Performance (in 2021): 10 Tips from a Seasoned Physician

So much has changed since Covid-19 called.

From the way we relate and travel, to how we work, a lot have switched globally.

Obviously, several workers still feel the heat. Many are subjected to conditions they wouldn’t have imagined probably in 2019.

Daniella McGuigan wrote:

“The impact on the mental health of workers has not been as closely examined as the risks to physical health associated with Covid-19, but it is widely reported that charities focusing on mental health have seen a surge in demand during the pandemic; job insecurity and financial worries are cited as the primary causes for concern.” 

But, in all these, is it possible to assuage the diverse (and sometimes complicated) impacts of the pandemic on your workplace effectiveness? How can you improve on your efficiency despite the pangs of the “new normal”?

On Friday, March 17, 2021, PPC Limited (formerly Philips Project Centre) hosted Dr. Oluwakemi Odukoya, an Associate Professor in Public Health at the University of Lagos. The University Don and Physician took the PPC staff on a journey to improving workplace efficiency in the new era.

Dr. Odukoya asserted that “Efficiency in the workplace means when employees carry out the correct tasks in the right way, with the least waste of time and effort.”

“An employee’s mental health state even in the face of a pandemic plays a significant role in working efficiently at the workplace.” She further stated.

Here are insightful ways to boost Your Workplace Effectiveness during the pandemic (from a physician’s standpoint).

1. Ask for help

Weighed down by workplace pressure and stress? You need to seek help.

Do you realize seeking help from your line manager or colleagues can be a saving grace in times like these?

You may need to inform your boss and teammates about the mental or health challenges you are facing. That way, they can be helpful and even provide options to help you work better.

Now, beyond seeking help from your boss or colleagues, it’s advisable to also seek help from a qualified mental health physician. This is not something to overlook.

A physician can advise you on how to work around pressures or stress, and adhering to medical advice will enhance your workplace performance

2. Take care of your health

You should take your health seriously all the time. You need to be more conscious about it even now. Your health and wellbeing are pivotal to your performance in the workplace; so you’ve got to ensure you’re fit – always.

There are simple ways to enhance your well-being without even spending a dime. You can do simple drills like deep breathing and stretching.

Harvard Medical School’s Harvard Health Publishing asserts that deep breathing slows the heartbeat and lowers (or stabilizes) blood pressure.

Healthline also shared that “stretching” improves your posture, increases blood flow to the muscles, calms the mind, and relieves stress.

3. Connect with others often

There’s no better time to connect with others than now. So, make sure you associate with others. Why? We all enjoy the company of loved ones and that affects our effectiveness.

You see, a good laugh with a friend can go a long way to reduce stress and boost your performance.

Even if you’re in isolation due to COVID, you can still catch up with friends and loved ones social media.

Loneliness can be distressing, so you need to ensure you’re connecting with others often.

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4. Avoid (or at least) reduce alcohol consumption

Alcohol and substances containing tobacco and other harmful ingredients are dangerous to health. They’ll dampen your workplace effectiveness.

The US Department of Human Health and Services says,

“Alcohol can produce detectable impairments in memory after only a few drinks and, as the amount of alcohol increases, so does the degree of impairment…

With this, it’s obvious the damaging effect of alcohol on your workplace effectiveness isn’t a myth.

5. Exercise and enjoy extra-curricular activities

If you’ve been ignoring exercises, now is the best time to start.

Exercising your body will impact your health and alertness.

The “Exercise for Mental Health,” article by the US Library of Medicine reported that exercises boost mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood while boosting self-esteem and cognitive function.

What is more, all work and no play still makes Jack a dull boy. You need extracurricular activities more than ever. Play the Ludo, Chess, Video Games and keep at activities that make you feel good.

6. Slash the news

Listening to the news is great. It’s part of our lives.

That’s quite true.

But, seeing every news popping out of the papers and the TV screen can be detrimental.

Why? A large chunk of the news today is terrifying. So, while it’s good to keep abreast of happenings, you’ll want to minimize your romance with the news.

7. Grab enough sleep

Sleep. Yes, getting enough sleep can enhance your workplace effectiveness. How? According to Alice G Walton, Senior Contributor (Healthcare) at Forbes, “One of the most illuminating discoveries in the last few years is that the brain clears out toxins much more rapidly while we’re asleep than when we’re awake.”

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke also asserts that sleep is important to a number of brain functions and helps remove toxins that build up in the brain while you’re awake.

Thus, if sleep can have such a central effect on the brain, then getting enough rest is key to concentration in the workplace.

8. Adopt Healthy, balanced diets

Do you know food can boost your alertness? Yes, Harvard Medical School Health Publishing says that taking “brain foods” could improve mental function.

That said, it’s great to consume green, leafy vegetables, fruits, fatty fish, walnut, tea and coffee.

These are proven to improve brain health. You can already imagine the effect of this on your work!

9. Get Vaccinated

A key factor that can affect workplace performance is anxiety. Certainly, a major cause of anxiety in these times is the fear of getting COVID.  

Thankfully, the vaccines are here. Therefore, ensure you get vaccinated to put your mind at ease.

10. Attend on-the-job training

Many organizations are training their staff on time management, remote working, and how to adjust to the new normal. Ensure to attend such training and practice whatever you’ve learned.

Then, don’t forget to ask questions and research more. Remember, knowledge is power, and a single insight may be all you need to further succeed.

Final Word

You can improve your workplace effectiveness—even in this pandemic. Yes, it’s possible.

So, Simply follow the tips detailed in this article including asking for help (when necessary), taking care of your health, getting good rest, eating healthy food, exercising, and others.

Dr. Odukoya says, “By implementing the practical steps outlined, your mental health can be preserved and workplace efficiency maximized.”