PPC Holds Customer Excellence Training for Staff

On Friday, August 20, 2021, Dr. Osayomore Ossuetta took the entire PPC Staff on a journey towards excellent customer service delivery. Dr. Ossuetta, who is the Deputy General Manager, PPC Healthcare defined customer service as “going beyond meeting your customers’ basic needs.

It means doing everything possible not only to satisfy your customer but to make your customer happy. Excellent customer service is the full involvement and interaction between employees and customers.” In other words, customer service should not end at satisfying external customers; but, the attitude of excellent customer service should be accorded also to colleagues (internal customers).

In the quite compelling training, Dr. Ossuetta emphasized the place of excellent customer service in organizational growth, as well as the need to always exceed customer expectations.

She asserted that excellent customer service is based on empathy, reliability, assurance, tangibility, and responsiveness.