Clinical Education: At the heart of our services are innovative, meaningful and evidence based learning opportunities for our customers who may want to sharpen clinical experience, develop specialize knowledge by product or stay up to date with new and modern healthcare practices.
Because of our focus on Clinical Education, we have been able to develop learning paths and experiences for our customers thereby enabling them to develop the requisite skills for providing a complete continuum of clinical care to their patients.  We offer advanced learning opportunities, flexible access and delivery via engaging and interactive experience designed for professional for enhanced patient care

Biomedical Engineer training: Developing Engineering Skills for the future: Through effective collaborations with education training establishments we are provide and support the development if Biomedical and Electronics Engineering skills for young and aspiring Engineers. Our schemes leverage on the technological competences of our partners who are at the forefront of the technology specialties they provide. 

Clinical Application Training:Unlocking the full potential of staff and technology. Providing clinically-relevant education has never been more critical to successful patientcare. We can help build the right foundation for enhanced patient care delivery. Through an engaging and comprehensive offering of advanced learning opportunities, we can teach staff how to best use products, help educate them in clinical specialties, and provide non-clinical professional development. All of our courses are designed to help enhance operational efficiency and quality of care, and offered with flexible delivery options.