CCTV and Perimeter Surveillance: Perimeter CCTV is a critical system on a wide range of sites. Whether it is asset protection or anti-terrorist defenses on utilities infrastructure site the demands remain the same. The combination of elements including cameras, lens, IR lighting, pan and tilts, camera housing, washers and wipers is complicated and technically intricate. PPC has years of experience and expertise in this area, and can provide solutions that minimize the complexities of pre-build and installation, so reducing costs for installation and invariably the total cost of ownership.

Perimeter Intruder Detection & Protection Systems (PIDS): These are expert solutions that are designed to detect intrusions at boundaries and perimeters of installations that need to be secured.

Airfield Lighting Solutions : PPC is a renowned service provider of airfield lighting solutions, franchising a range of products and services designed to maintain safe and efficient airport operations.

Access Security and Control: Today, more than ever, security has become a key issue in business. Staff safety, the protection of assets, information, stock and cash, controlling access and monitoring activity, are all directly related to the profitability of your business. Efficient security systems allow your business to focus on what it does, and to grow with confidence.

Enterprise Security Solution: PPC has successfully designed and implemented cutting edge monitoring solutions for monitoring Data centre, cell site, telecom towers with leading monitoring and reporting equipment. A critical component of any high quality hosting provider is the Data Center and Network Operations Center.

Email Security Solution: For organizations that recognize the convenience and efficiency of a remotely-hosted “cloud-based” service solution, PPC offers a simple answer to email system protection. Using the same award winning technology of our appliance-based turn-key solutions, the PPC Full Defense service completely stops email attacks and abuse. Protecting critical business data and network infrastructure is a top priority for every enterprise.