A combination of in-house professional services such as Medical, architectural, civil, and electronic and electrical engineering, with extensive experience in hardware/software development and applications, enables PPC to translate the functional and operational requirements of our clients into detailed technical specifications.  We are therefore able to offer an array of Biomedical Engineering solutions to our customers including:

Turnkey Projects - Medical Facilities Design and Construction:

Apart from equipment supplies and servicing, PPC offers customers the opportunity to outsource all aspects of their medical healthcare concept, as a Turnkey project.

Our Turnkey Services offer end-to-end project management for multimodality and/or multi-vendor systems projects related to renovation, expansion, or new construction. We integrate your various medical technology suppliers and contractors and provide a single point of contact to support more efficient and cost-effective delivery of your healthcare operations. Our services include project design, technology specification and procurement, implementation, and integration of systems. We can also help you optimize technology usage via staff training, system upgrades, and workflow optimization to enhance the efficiency and cost-effective delivery of your medical technology services.

With over 20 years’ experience in health care project management and a combination of exceptional employees who are industry professionals with first-hand experience, PPC is able to supply unmatched Bio-Medical solutions and Systems integration services to our valued clients.

Our international standard services range from Complete packages (Turnkey Projects), Product  Sales & Maintenance Services, Bio-Medical Engineering, Hospital Management Software Packages, to Consulting Services. Project Management & Supervision are all tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.

We offer the best price/quality ratio in the medical equipment field.

Preventive and Corrective maintenance Services:

At PPC Medical Systems, we'll satisfy your repair or maintenance service needs for your PHILIPS Medical and HUMAN laboratory Systems, whatever your requirements, with a cost-effective service program.
From a full asset protection program, to emergency service with or without preventive maintenance we are able to de­liver excellent service levels so you can enjoy your ownership experience and operational efficiency. We believe that the basis and success of a service agreement starts with the agreement's foundation so with a range of service level maintenance agree­ments, we can deliver on:


 One of our service level agreements will enhance your ownership experience through:
• A high level of service and parts delivery
• Backup response service delivery
• Priority response
• Planned maintenance
• Optional Clinical applications support
• Clinical education and utilization consulting
• Technical and clinical phone support
• Optional biomedical engineer training
• Quality assurance audits

Health center Upgrade and Rehabilitation Projects:

With over 20 years of experience working with various government and private hospitals and health centers, we have developed the skills and resources to support rehabilitation programs of various scales. Through the support of our equipment manufacturers who themselves have several more years working in various communities across the world, we deliver complete structural and functional rehabilitation programs for healthcare facilities across the country.

PPC’s leading role in the provision of medical equipment and facilities in Nigeria has enabled her to secure and efficiently execute several key medical equipment and turnkey projects from governments and allied agencies.  We believe that there can be no good medical care without good medical equipment.

Quality assurance audits:

We believe clinical excellence and continuous innovation around the patient experience can fundamentally change healthcare as we know it can significantly increase average life expectancy from its current level. At PPC our competitive advantage lies in our clinical perspective, the broad clinical subject-matter expertise that we are able to provide as well as the deep clinical relationships we have with our customer base.

Our approach aligns people, process, and technology to support quality and care efficiency across all care settings. We work collaboratively with our customers to operationalize value-driven transformation through risk strategies, clinical quality and process interventions. We drive these through technology solutions, and change management programs with the greatest potential to impact quality and cost. Our assessments rely upon quality metrics and data analytics to evaluate and drive interventions. And by focusing on the adoption and replication of best practices, we help health institutions operationalize sustainable, scalable, patient-centric systems of care.